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Kauf (aka Ronald Kaufman) seeks answers to existential questions through dance music. It’s no easy task, finding a middle ground between thoughtful lyrics and making music that’s visceral and physically enjoyable. This explains why Kauf’s debut album, “Regrowth,” has been years in the making, but we’ve enjoyed the little treasures he’s dropped along the way since 2011’s “Relocate” single, the EP “As Much Again,” released on Cut Copy’s Cutters Records, and remixes for Poliça, the Big Pink and Public Service Broadcasting. “Through The Yard” is the last track on the upcoming LP, available now for free through One Half Records . Flutes, world-inspired rhythms, echo-laden vocals and a smooth, slowed-down disco progression make this a pretty relaxing club track, a shoulder-shaker for sure; pair with a nice cold icy beverage, preferably blue-colored.

Kauf - As Much Again EPKauf - As Much Again EPKauf - As Much Again EPKauf - As Much Again EP